In addition to henna, we also offer glitter tattoos, HennaGlam, and jagua body art. These other types of art may not be available at our festival events, but are always on hand for private sessions and henna parties. These other types of body art are available at the same rates as our henna.

Glitter Tattoos

Glitter tattoos are designs created on the skin using an acrylic adhesive specially developed for skin and cosmetic grade glitter. The adhesive is clear and any color of glitter can be applied to create the designs.


HennaGlam is a specialty product developed by Henna Caravan. This unique product is somewhere between an adhesive and a body paint. It comes in a variety of colors and is what we use to approximate "white henna." (There is no such thing as "white henna." This trend was started by henna artists sharing photos of practicing with lotion instead of henna and well...the internet took it from there.) 


Jagua is a South American fruit juice used to make a gel for body art. It's fairly new on the scene in the US but is a great alternative for naturally and safely creating dark blue/black stains on the skin.

**There is no such thing as black henna.**

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Other Body Art

more than just henna