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Jagua design immediately after washing off the gel.

Aftercare is important


Allow your henna design to dry. Most henna designs will dry in 10-20 minutes. Thick designs will take longer. Try to stay warm and avoid smudging! Henna dries and develops better when warm.

Keep the henna on your skin for at least 2 hours. Once it gets flaky and dry, you can dab lemon juice/sugar mix on it to keep the henna paste adhered to your skin. We provide this to you, or you can mix some up yourself of equal parts lemon juice and sugar. The longer the paste is on your skin, the better your stain will be! If keeping henna on overnight, be sure to wrap with paper medical tape or fabric. Henna paste will crumble and stain anything it comes into contact with so never sleep with uncovered henna paste.

Gently remove the dried henna paste. Remove the paste by scraping gently with a fingernail or credit card. Do not wash off - water will dilute the stain. You can also rub coconut or olive oil onto the paste to remove it. Once you remove the paste, the henna stain will appear bright orange. The stain will oxidize and darken over the next two days. The stain should last 7-10 days before fading away.

Protect your henna design.  Use an all natural moisturizer to protect the design during this time by applying prior to swimming or showering. We suggest our hand-crafted HennaBalm ($3/tin) which is 100% organic and available for purchase at our booth or in our online shop. You can also use natural coconut or olive oil. AVOID hand sanitizers, chemicals, and exfoliating products as these will cause the design to fade faster.


Allow the jagua gel to dry. Most jagua designs take about 2 hours to dry.

Be extremely careful to avoid smudging - jagua will stain anything and everything! Even a tiny smudge will show up in the final design.

Wash the jagua gel off with soap and water. Yes, this is one type of body art that it's okay to wash off!

Don't panic! The jagua design will be very faint and hard to see. It takes several hours to darken.

Jagua designs will typically last 7-10 days.

caring for your body art


Glitter Tattoos

Allow the glitter tattoo to dry. Glitter tattoos usually dry immediately or within 5 minutes. Avoid smudging or picking.

Do not scrub the design! Glitter tattoos are water-resistant, but be sure to treat them gently. Avoid harsh chemicals and exfoliation products.

The glitter tattoo will last 1-3 days, and can be removed with rubbing alcohol.


Allow the HennaGlam design to dry. Most HennaGlam designs will dry in 5-10 minutes. Avoid smudging or picking.

Do not scrub the design! HennaGlam is water-resistant, but be sure to treat gently. Avoid harsh chemicals and exfoliation products.

HennaGlam will last 1-3 days, and can be removed with rubbing alcohol.

What is aftercare? 

Aftercare is how you take care of your art once we're done. Different types of body art should be cared for with different methods to ensure the quality of your design. Please read the aftercare instructions below (we also provide copies of this to you at festivals or appointments). If you have additional questions not answered here, feel free to message us or just share a photo of your henna stain with us!

Same jagua design 4 hours later.